What would Jesus or Muhammad do

Interest has a critical fault. So long as it exists, there’s no neutralizing or stabilizing of its consequences; its inherent processes are perpetual, and irreversible.




Een gedachte over “What would Jesus or Muhammad do

  1. @Off Topic – ‘money for free’

    study, by Jaromir Benes and Michael Kumhof

    0% ‘state-created money’
    ‘an assault on “fractional reserve banking”‘

    www . telegraph . co . uk /finance/comment/9623863/IMFs-epic-plan-to-conjure-away-debt-and-dethrone-bankers . html

    “The Chicago Plan Revisited”
    www . imf . org /external/pubs/ft/wp/2012/wp12202.pdf

    based on economist Irving Fisher, 1936

    ‘One thing is sure.
    The City of London will have great trouble earning its keep
    if any variant of the Chicago Plan ever gains wide support.’

    .. (and is what Ellen Brown’ publicbankinginstitute . org keeps proposing)

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