As the world of the capitalist untouchables crushes ours…

As the world of the capitalist untouchables crushes ours, it is vital to understand that it is not the collapse of a thousand Enrons which brought us down. It is the very adversity to understanding which has allowed the destruction of our commerce, for if the people of the world merely endeavored to understand true economy, no usurer could prevail for a moment; no political pretender could deploy their office to serve usury; and no media would be owned by the very system of exploitation itself, that you may never understand usury.

It is the nature of their adverse system which your usurers would never have you understand. Your very understanding is their greatest fear, for they spend a great portion of their stealings from you to generate and to perpetuate a great, expensive facade that no problem exists.

Knowing even this, many say mathematically perfected economy™ ‘will never be allowed.’ No, mathematically perfected economy™ is inevitable, because usury can only fail; because usury only sows injustice; and because there is only one solution to usury. When soldiers return from foreign wars raised under guises so that even the victims of usurers will fight to establish yet another compliant central bank, and when those unwitting victims lose their own home to bankruptcy, they shall wish with all their constitution they had listened sooner and acted together to dissolve usury forever.

And when that day comes, under every rock you will find hiding usurers, advocates of usury, phony “economists”… all the seekers of unearned profit who knew not even how to limit their great crime against us.


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