Western banksters fund WWIII: Analyst


What is most important for everyone to realize, I think and more people are realizing this, is that the people that in power which I bring right back to the banksters, those who control the issuance of money are the ones who basically instigate these wars, they often fund every side of the war; it is big business for them but more importantly right now, more than ever they need a third world war.’


This has got to be one of the funniest interviews I have seen in a long time. Kaplan is a prime example of the America attitude when discussing any subject, and you see this happen over and over again on TV and on radio. Rather than discussing the subject in a mature, adult, fashion they resort to spiteful, childish, character assassinations, which is indicative of either having their facts wrong, or of lying. What is more Kaplan kept referring to Saddam Hussein, and Saddam stepping down from power. Firstly Saddam is dead and secondly Saddam was not the leader of Syria. Perhaps Kaplan learnt the wrong lines for the show, or got his time frame mixed, or maybe Ken’s reference to 9/11 hit the time warp switch in his brain.


2 gedachtes over “Western banksters fund WWIII: Analyst

  1. Its quite simple why banks indirectly fund wars , for example Americas primary means of perpetual re-inflation is to spend an irreversible multiplication of artificial debt on their military industrial complex, in short if it wasn’t for war for the U.S their purported economy would totally collapse .

    Its likewise important to note I write ” banks indirectly fund wars ” because its the people themselves in any nation who unwittingly fund all war from the get go, simply because its the people in the first place who actually create the money banks subsequently steal to play their war games of power & domination across the world , which is a means of theft by a purposed obfuscation of our promissory obligations to each other.

    Logic can only tell us if we all unite on one solution here & address the banks purposed obfuscation there will be no more wars & to the contrary if we don’t or refuse to address the banks purposed obfuscation ww3 is almost inevitable.

    In conclusion then it will be the people themselves in all nations who will only have themselves to blame in the very end & pay the ultimate price for it.

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