We know who is fighting for the banks, but who is fighting for everybody else…?!

Once you locate the problem, you already know the solution!

It ALL revolves around the obfuscation of a fundamental fact: The Banks steal our promissory obligations to one another, re-publish them as Bank promissory notes (acting as an unnecessary middleman) and charges us interest on our own obligations to one another. An interest which does not exist within our real economy. The world can never pay off the sum of debt then because the only money is created by our obligations to one another and those promissory obligations is the principal money within the economy. You cannot pay off principal + interest with only the (remaining) principal amount of money.

Our governments know this and collaborate with the central banking system to obscure this from you. In doing so, the legislators (government political class) are then bribed and financially supported by the lobby money from the banks and corporations.

Our debt is being stolen from us! Reclaim your debt as yours and restore it to its original and pre-multiplied and only rightful state thereof, between you and the actual asset holder (not the banks) and we have 1:1:1. Sustainability!

Mathematically Perfected Economy.

Watch these 3 video´s for a better understanding:










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