Graphic model of how the current ¨money¨ system leads to terminal collapse

This is a clear graphic model of how our current system of money and ‘economics’ leads to an inevitable, terminal collapse. There are no spins, it’s mathematical. If you follow the next 2 videos, you will find a presentation of the solution that restores money to its true state as a representation of our promises to each other, free of exploitation and usury. Don’t worry if you are not an economist, you don’t need to be and it is only by you understanding this that you will be able to help change it. And be aware of your internal state while trying to understand this because it will challenge deeply held beliefs and you may feel a high level of cognitive dissonance (an uncomfortable emotion that we feel when a new proposal threatens to demolish an existing, comfortable belief). Cognitive dissonance affects us all and leads to reactions such as blocking the new incoming information, total disbelief, anger, failure to even reflect on the new idea, inability to understand it, sleepiness, disinterest, character assassination of the person or entity proposing the new idea, and many more…. We are heavily invested in holding on to our old beliefs because they make us feel secure. By Ruth Philips, France.


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