How Money Creation Works, Banks & Solution

Understanding today’s mortgage?

The fraud begins when you go to a local bank (commercial bank) for a loan where YOU actually create money via your promissory note signature (NOT THE BANK) , by deception the banks intervene between the real creditor (seller) & debtor (buyer), banks fraudulently intervene by publishing only the evidence of our promissory obligations to each other. This is how banks steal/launder all principal & interest out of circulation through your debt repayments by fraudulently claiming to be the real creditor when there clearly not.

The governments knowingly terminally borrow more money through a PRIVATE central bank to replace the stolen circulation all the local banks thieve at more interest, then the government extorts tax’s & revenue from you to pay for this terminal national debt on top of your mortgage repayments.

Understanding today’s Money Creation?

A promissory note is a written promise to repay which is a value asset or capital. The Bank Fails to Disclose to a Borrower that borrower creates the credit/money by borrower’s promissory note signature alone which is an Asset Loan Contract (Financial Instrument) Deposited in the Bank. The Bank fraudulently changes borrowers promissory note into banks paper & loans its paper back to borrower at interest. The Bank doesn’t create money or loan money; banks change money (money changers) & launder a nation’s wealth IE: your labor out of circulation via principal & interest repayments. Fractional multiplication on deposits is NOT how banks create principal or interest because the bank offers no lawful consideration of value for the money to begin with so IT DOESN’T REALLY EXIST. A Central Banks role is to regulate fraud, they print cash which only consists 5% of all the money supply which also has NO lawful consideration of value.

Understanding the current Banking system?

ALL Inflation/deflation is the theft of currencies by ALL banks.
1 They launder principal debt repayments out of circulation jointly into there possession instead of retiring/canceling/ deleting/ principal after its paid back ,they do it through YOU every day on your local bank loans ,credit card repayments etc.

2 Interest repayments are also laundered out of circulation by deception ,This interest is never created in the first place nor is it returned back into circulation in full if any (No where near it) after its stolen by the banks .

3 All treasonous governments knowingly perpetuate TERMINAL nation debt through a PRIVATE Central bank (Federal Reserve Bank) or it prints more money as a last resort, all in an attempt to keep the economic monetary circulation vital.

Everything you see now past and present like tax’s, recessions, depressions, deflation, inflation, booms, busts, derivative scams, quantitative easing, pensionscams, WAR etc is only a symptom of this initial theft of principal & interest out of our monetary circulation by All Banks, primarily the commercial banks.

Understanding Mathematically Perfected Economy Solution

Under MPE a National NON PROFIT Accounting Common monetary foundry (CMF) will be established by the people for the people to handle all loans & deposits (NO BANKS), credit & money will be issued by the people themselves via promissory obligations with NO INTEREST attached based on a simple 1.1.1 ratio where all DEBT obligation is equal or no more than remaining CIRCULATION & equal to no more of remaining depreciating VALUE OF PROPERTY, all principal is paid back at the rate of depreciation which is retired/canceled/deleted (NO ONE KEEPS IT) out of circulation along with the debt after a loan is repaid in full

MPE is a sovereign economy for any nation where money will serve man rather than rule man. MPE solves all the economic problems we see today. Through signed constitutional mandates served by the people MPE only can be achieved.
Freedom is ours and NO politician can assert MPE ONLY you can, the choice is yours.
(The truth will set you free)

Mathematically Perfected Economy?
There is no other solution.
Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.
If you’re not promoting Mathematically Perfected Economy
Then you condemn us to monetary failure.


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