Because so many are writing/emailing, Skyping, or posting to a myriad of forums, a declarative post is called for, explaining that “mathematically perfected economy™” and “PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™” relate to my 1968 thesis:

a) that any purported economy based upon interest-bearing debt as embodied in the present obfuscation of our currency (comprising promissory obligations *to each other*)… inherently and inevitably terminates itself under terminal sums of falsified debt to purported banking systems which, in never giving up commensurable consideration, no more than publish further representations of our promissory obligations to each other, which mere representations therefore are merely obfuscated into falsified debts to the purported banking system, which in turn compels its unwitting subjects to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest *back* into the general circulation, with re-borrowed principal therefore re-constituting every prior sum of falsified debt (and to that extent, making it mathematically impossible to pay down any prior sum of debt); and with purported interest therefore, likewise necessarily re-borrowed into the general circulation (to sustain a vital circulation)… perpetually increasing the sum of falsified debt until we suffer the present, wholly redundant and artificial conditions;

b) and furthermore, that there is *one and one only* integral solution for the only prospective (possible) b.1) volumetric and b.2) dispositional faults of a monetary system — this essentially *singular* integral solution therefore being “mathematically perfected economy™” (MPE™).

Essentially then, mathematically perfected economy™ is merely a restoration of the *universal* right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, subject to an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal from circulation (in accord with the natural disposition, life cycle, and intrinsic representation of value by unexploited promissory obligations), with the resultant life cycle and sustained disposition of “money” (*essentially* comprised of promissory obligations) therefore preserved by a wholly natural, essential, and even vital, perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between 1) remaining circulation; 2) remaining value of represented property; and 3) remaining obligation *to pay* *the* remaining circulation *for* the remaining value of represented property — all of which are the only means, and here are the only cemented means, perpetuating the value of both money and property, as decided by the only truly free “markets” and industry.

To wit, my work was the first monetary reform presence on the modern internet — in fact preceding the modern web by some ten years in computer models, documentation, and even source code, which I had provided to the 1983 and 1984 Reagan Administrations. These models (which can still be downloaded from my pages, to replicate their original projections) simply execute the pattern of sustaining a vital circulation by an inherently inevitable pattern of escalated borrowing, all to project the maximum practical and maximum possible lifespans of any pretended economy based upon the present obfuscation of our currency (a). In 1983 and 1984, by processes as definite and incontrovertible as “a bank” determines “interest,” “repayments,” or a “bank statement,” those models conservatively projected not only the necessary de-escalation of interest rates over the remaining possible lifespan, but furthermore projected that the unwitting people of the world (having failed to adopt mathematically perfected economy™) would suffer terminal sums of falsified debt at approximately 2010 AD.

Today, literally millions of web pages and assumed quality literature conform to these original precepts without even accurately or truly articulating the fundamental principles. Virtually all contemporary appeals for monetary reform furthermore, likewise deviate from the only deductions which are faithful to the underlying observations of fact. The proposition of mathematically perfected economy™ nonetheless resolved *all* these issues, no less than 45 years ago.

The present angst against “finance” and “banking” descends therefore largely from imitation — and worse, from plagiarism which always, always, always, invalidates its own mere claim to originality, not only by a peculiar avoidance even of mentioning the one thesis which preceded its every eleventh-hour imitator. Likewise, the same purported authorities uniformly refuse debate.

Neophytes might wonder why that is important — but only in failing to measure both the division which plagiarism has fostered, and the consequences of our failure to recognize a simple fact of monetary singularity, which no plagiarist can alter as might hope to escape detection, without compromising the only solution which indeed resolves the every potential volumetric and dispositional impropriety which otherwise undermines the fact that if money is man’s protection, it is singly a representation of entitlement; and furthermore then that if money is singularly to be a representation of entitlement, it must therefore be immutable in its representation.

To this day still, the only proposition which even espouses that object, is mathematically perfected economy™.

I proposed to the 1979 Reagan Campaign not only that we would suffer the present global monetary failure at an escalated rate under Volcker’s far higher “prime rates.” Insiders asked just two years later if it was possible to calculate the projected failure. I replied how indeed it was; and that nonetheless, the calculations depended upon whatever criteria might decide eventual interest rates. When Reagan’s people were hapless to furnish that critical criteria, I instead offered to project how much they would have to reduce interest rates over the remaining lifespan, to keep the ruse alive as long as practical.

Those models nailed every fact.

l likewise prescribed how to artificially sustain the lifespan beyond failure — primarily by what I called “federal over-spending” (the present escalation of deficits), as the only plausible means of pouring money back into circulation, beyond an exceeded capacity of the private sector “to borrow” further. I did this not to advocate this violation of the assumed principle of credit-worthiness, but instead to argue and demonstrate how artificial sustention would ultimately fail — as we now see — to reach every dependent sector in a sufficiently timely manner.

I further prescribed how Reagan could convert the present obfuscation of our currency — as a singular means of saving us from the present calamity — in as little as part of a day, by no more than freezing payments, counting all payments of interest instead toward principal, and revising schedules of payment to those *necessarily* sustaining mathematically perfected economy’s™ perpetual 1:1:1 relationship.

All this, merely restoring our inherent and universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, subject to a schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property, would not immediately avert the present artificial and wholly redundant global calamity, but would immediately make us some 10 or 12 times as liquid. Under mathematically perfected economy™ (under restoration of our universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, subject to an obligatory schedule of payment perpetually sustaining an immutable value of money or property decided by the only truly free people) a $100,000 home with a hundred-year lifespan for example, would cost us only $1,000 per year, or $83.33 per month.

So I ask you, what well-meaning plagiarist or capable self-determined public would *ever* delay the advent of a singular mathematically perfected economy™ — only pretending otherwise to address the consequences?

© COPYRIGHT 1968 and beyond, by mike montagne.