Is hoarding an issue, and is the Monetary Solution in Velocity.

IF this proposition indeed accounts for any veritable issue, then the root idea behind this proposition is ultimately and inherently that if we produce and earn and spend all the faster… we can somehow attend to the only veritable issue at the root of all the downstream consequences the advocates of this proposition conceive. The root cause nonetheless of those consequences is perpetual multiplication of faux debt, suffered in an implicit obligation to sustain a vital circulation by a perpetual escalation of faux borrowing.

The truth is, even in the days of cash, we have already had the means TO EXCHANGE “money” (obfuscated currency) virtually immediately.
But in the only legitimate world of production, the [hysterical proposition of] “velocity” of *earning* is inherently limited by the existing state of the evolving means of production. All the faster we might be able TO EXCHANGE money then has no capacity whatsoever to expedite THE EXCHANGE of what is only intentionally obfuscated money.

In accord with this preposterous set of ideas then, periods of time have even experimented with attempts to compel exchange of “money.” But (nonetheless) still, NO ONE can earn “money” any faster than they can produce — and neither can they justly deserve to do so, for earnings are inherently coupled to or dependent *upon* production.

ALL any proposition or increasing “velocity” CAN POSSIBLY accomplish then, is a relatively negligible and meaningless reduction of the time over which *the exchange* aspect of “circulation” transpires.

Do you think people are truly incapable of understanding these facts if they yet pretend “to understand” that “velocity” poses virtues which instead are virtually impossible?

Or is the reason they uniformly exclude MPE™ (to which many of them in fact mean to answer), instead that they already understand that the singular solution is already proven in the propositions of MPE™ — and that they mean instead to fraudulently impress the public that “banking” addresses what they purport fraudulently are “banking’s only problems”?


Mathematically Perfected Economy offers singular solution to the faults of the present terminal obfuscation of our money.

Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (MPE™) is the singular integral solution to 1) inflation and deflation, 2) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and 3) inherent, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to a vital circulation, engendering inevitable systemic failure at a finite system lifespan defined by an inevitable, terminal sum of insoluble debt. Mathematically Perfected Economy™ is every prospective debtor’s right to issue their promise to pay, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of that promise, or the natural opportunity to make good on it.

Mathematically Perfected Economy offers singular solution to the faults of the present terminal obfuscation of our money. 


How Money Creation Works, Banks & Solution

Understanding today’s mortgage?

The fraud begins when you go to a local bank (commercial bank) for a loan where YOU actually create money via your promissory note signature (NOT THE BANK) , by deception the banks intervene between the real creditor (seller) & debtor (buyer), banks fraudulently intervene by publishing only the evidence of our promissory obligations to each other. This is how banks steal/launder all principal & interest out of circulation through your debt repayments by fraudulently claiming to be the real creditor when there clearly not.

The governments knowingly terminally borrow more money through a PRIVATE central bank to replace the stolen circulation all the local banks thieve at more interest, then the government extorts tax’s & revenue from you to pay for this terminal national debt on top of your mortgage repayments.

Understanding today’s Money Creation?

A promissory note is a written promise to repay which is a value asset or capital. The Bank Fails to Disclose to a Borrower that borrower creates the credit/money by borrower’s promissory note signature alone which is an Asset Loan Contract (Financial Instrument) Deposited in the Bank. The Bank fraudulently changes borrowers promissory note into banks paper & loans its paper back to borrower at interest. The Bank doesn’t create money or loan money; banks change money (money changers) & launder a nation’s wealth IE: your labor out of circulation via principal & interest repayments. Fractional multiplication on deposits is NOT how banks create principal or interest because the bank offers no lawful consideration of value for the money to begin with so IT DOESN’T REALLY EXIST. A Central Banks role is to regulate fraud, they print cash which only consists 5% of all the money supply which also has NO lawful consideration of value.

Understanding the current Banking system?

ALL Inflation/deflation is the theft of currencies by ALL banks.
1 They launder principal debt repayments out of circulation jointly into there possession instead of retiring/canceling/ deleting/ principal after its paid back ,they do it through YOU every day on your local bank loans ,credit card repayments etc.

2 Interest repayments are also laundered out of circulation by deception ,This interest is never created in the first place nor is it returned back into circulation in full if any (No where near it) after its stolen by the banks .

3 All treasonous governments knowingly perpetuate TERMINAL nation debt through a PRIVATE Central bank (Federal Reserve Bank) or it prints more money as a last resort, all in an attempt to keep the economic monetary circulation vital.

Everything you see now past and present like tax’s, recessions, depressions, deflation, inflation, booms, busts, derivative scams, quantitative easing, pensionscams, WAR etc is only a symptom of this initial theft of principal & interest out of our monetary circulation by All Banks, primarily the commercial banks.

Understanding Mathematically Perfected Economy Solution

Under MPE a National NON PROFIT Accounting Common monetary foundry (CMF) will be established by the people for the people to handle all loans & deposits (NO BANKS), credit & money will be issued by the people themselves via promissory obligations with NO INTEREST attached based on a simple 1.1.1 ratio where all DEBT obligation is equal or no more than remaining CIRCULATION & equal to no more of remaining depreciating VALUE OF PROPERTY, all principal is paid back at the rate of depreciation which is retired/canceled/deleted (NO ONE KEEPS IT) out of circulation along with the debt after a loan is repaid in full

MPE is a sovereign economy for any nation where money will serve man rather than rule man. MPE solves all the economic problems we see today. Through signed constitutional mandates served by the people MPE only can be achieved.
Freedom is ours and NO politician can assert MPE ONLY you can, the choice is yours.
(The truth will set you free)

Mathematically Perfected Economy?
There is no other solution.
Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal process.
If you’re not promoting Mathematically Perfected Economy
Then you condemn us to monetary failure.

Graphic model of how the current ¨money¨ system leads to terminal collapse

This is a clear graphic model of how our current system of money and ‘economics’ leads to an inevitable, terminal collapse. There are no spins, it’s mathematical. If you follow the next 2 videos, you will find a presentation of the solution that restores money to its true state as a representation of our promises to each other, free of exploitation and usury. Don’t worry if you are not an economist, you don’t need to be and it is only by you understanding this that you will be able to help change it. And be aware of your internal state while trying to understand this because it will challenge deeply held beliefs and you may feel a high level of cognitive dissonance (an uncomfortable emotion that we feel when a new proposal threatens to demolish an existing, comfortable belief). Cognitive dissonance affects us all and leads to reactions such as blocking the new incoming information, total disbelief, anger, failure to even reflect on the new idea, inability to understand it, sleepiness, disinterest, character assassination of the person or entity proposing the new idea, and many more…. We are heavily invested in holding on to our old beliefs because they make us feel secure. By Ruth Philips, France.

We know who is fighting for the banks, but who is fighting for everybody else…?!

Once you locate the problem, you already know the solution!

It ALL revolves around the obfuscation of a fundamental fact: The Banks steal our promissory obligations to one another, re-publish them as Bank promissory notes (acting as an unnecessary middleman) and charges us interest on our own obligations to one another. An interest which does not exist within our real economy. The world can never pay off the sum of debt then because the only money is created by our obligations to one another and those promissory obligations is the principal money within the economy. You cannot pay off principal + interest with only the (remaining) principal amount of money.

Our governments know this and collaborate with the central banking system to obscure this from you. In doing so, the legislators (government political class) are then bribed and financially supported by the lobby money from the banks and corporations.

Our debt is being stolen from us! Reclaim your debt as yours and restore it to its original and pre-multiplied and only rightful state thereof, between you and the actual asset holder (not the banks) and we have 1:1:1. Sustainability!

Mathematically Perfected Economy.

Watch these 3 video´s for a better understanding:




Do we survive by exploitation, or do we survive by production?!

Markets 2016

One of the facades we are forced to strive against is the un-qualifiable proposition that money multiplies wealth.

By drawing the masses to the superficial allure of this false appeal, in fact their wealth is thus exposed to the most omnipotent means of exploitation, to which it is eventually lost. Accepting the lie even as a principle, and pitted against the escalated exploitation of a pretended monetary system which inherently multiplies debt at escalating rates, so the masses in turn engage in exploiting each other at escalating rates, for it is impractical either to out-exploit or so otherwise defeat privatization of pretended monetary systems, which of course are imposed for the very purpose of multiplying debt in proportion to the circulation, to our ever greater disadvantage, and ultimate ruin.

But so, for the escalation of the underlying, omnipotent process (served first), the people are compelled to compete against a greater, perpetually escalating thing which can only defeat them, however much they might exploit each other.

Against a process which can only multiply debt in proportion to the circulation, and which can only leave ever less of the circulation to sustain the industry which is obligated to service a multiplication of debt ever farther beyond our means or even potential means, a vain people thus hope to exploit themselves, to ostensibly prosper by actually making themselves a drain on prosperity. Yet the greatest drain, and the drain which will be served first and to the dispossession of all, is the privatization of the currency.

The religion of a duped people thus not only becomes exploitation, but a perpetual escalation of exploitation. Committed to this process, they become in fact committed to produce nothing; and so, to an ever greater degree, their escalated exploitation is pitted against itself, competing for proportionately less, and eventually competing then even the nothing which can eventually survive the escalating multiplication of debt, which from the beginning, they wrongly presumed to comprise a worthy foundation for justice.

In the zeal they must engage in so long as they hold to their first mistake, thus at least some of them presume to take from all the rest, to the greatest degrees possible, by whatever advantages serve no more than exploitation. In the only possible manifestation of this zeal then, the principle of free enterprise itself is destroyed, as greater portions of finite tokens of wealth are distributed not to real industry, but to those who can take the fruit of our doings by whatever means they can simply devise.

From the very beginning then, respect for law and principle fell by the wayside, while in the end, the inevitable failure of the omnipotent process which multiplies debt upon the whole of us poses the simple, fundamental question still, “Do we survive by exploitation, or do we survive by production — and thus, only by a system which sustains and rightly distributes all the production we are capable of?”

These of course are opposing propositions; and so, as a consequence of the first, purposed obfuscation, we dispose ourselves to failure.

In all the ineptitude which is built upon the first wrong principle, the dupes of this facade further presume wrongly, that the survival of the arenas of exploitation is vital to their survival. They believe wrongly in other words, only so far as they are committed to participate in this exploitation, that the survival of their exploitation is vital to perpetuation. When “the markets” prosper; they prosper; and when “the markets” tumble, they too fall from Humpty Dumpty’s wall.

We cannot have that, they say: the arenas of predation must be preserved from their collapse; and we must preserve against the same collapse, the institutions which impose a currency upon us which can only multiply debt into collapse. Thus, nothing is more self destructive than the simple lie that wealth can be multiplied, for it engenders all the false beliefs which turn from the underlying, omnipotent fact that a form of currency which can only multiply debt into terminal debt will prevail over all the less monumental ways we can exploit each other to death.

The “economies” of the world are not failing because they are just, or right. They are not dispossessing the people of their own production because they serve the people. Governments across the world are not evading debate of mathematically perfected economy because those governments represent the people. All this exists because we tolerate privatization of the currency for the very purpose of exploitation, and because the process of exploitation irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to vital circulations, until it imposes terminal sums of debt.

The process and the usurpations which serve it therefore are terminal; and so it would be the greatest disgrace to intelligent, truly self ruling publics, that while they remain capable and willing as ever to render production from available resources, “the world’s” “economies” fail.

In the spirit of the first lie, we call all this “finance,” and “investment.” But it is neither. “Finance” is to impose a form of currency which can only impose disposition all along the short way to terminal debt. “Investment” is a mere gambling arena, which reflects not the health of the subject industry, but its very destruction, and the destruction of those who must depend on sustainable industry.

In all this purposed confusion, there are an incredible many who oppose even discussing the mathematic perfection of economy, because of course they anticipate it would be the end of their wrong way. Merely hoping, to the deepest stages of collapse even, to evade the inevitable consequences of unassented “monetary systems” which can only impose collapse, they want to preserve exploitation to the demise of all, only because they intend only to depend on exploitation.

The idea of preserving both the underlying system of exploitation by the imposed subversion of the currency, and the subservient systems of exploitation which remain subject to that, appeals to them — particularly as they hope not to pay the far greater, further costs of preserving each, but to pass those costs on to their very progeny. So they resist solution, even ambitiously; and they do so even to their own destruction.

As we can only truly understand from all this however, the so-called markets must collapse when the imposed currency eventually generates sums of debt which we can no longer afford to service. Thus by taking from the true producers, on the backs of whom the sum of debt is serviced, the advocates of exploitation seal our fate.

Many of us nonetheless have our fates cast to the subject arenas insofar as retirement funds, insurance, and shares in company stock are concerned; and a general tendency is to presume here too that mathematically perfected economy would destroy the falsely inflated values of these things, because mathematically perfected economy provides alternate ways of funding which make the traditional corporation in fact a far less efficient or competitive way of “finance,” because dividends perpetually inflate the costs of production, and this cost is eliminated by mathematically perfected economy.
It is true that mathematically perfected economy eliminates those perpetual costs while providing unlimited capacities to finance all the industry we are capable of.

But inasmuch as the survival of the markets of exploitation is concerned, the tremendous liquidity which mathematically perfected economy would immediately make available merely from re-financing existent debt without interest (under present, limited industry and income), would sustain “the markets” far better than a currency which can only engender near term, terminal debt.

So in fact, absolutely nothing can save us from present losses in these areas of concern as mathematically perfected economy.

Moreover, because a transition to mathematically perfected economy costs us nothing, and can be accomplished immediately, it is the only just course, which avoids imposing our ineptitude upon eternity.

Those who claim regulation is the issue have no leg to stand on.

There is of course no reasonable dream of regulating away the iniquities of inherently multiplying debt, without eradicating the very thing we might regulate. So long as the primary process takes unearned profit, terminal culmination of the process is ensured by the fact that either by greater increments or by lesser, irreversible multiplication of debt in proportion to the obligated circulation eventually exceeds the finite potential of the circulation to service debt.